Navigate is a team of experienced facilitators and trainers. We facilitate meetings, run workshops and mediate conflicts for groups and organisations working towards social and environmental justice across the UK. Our team can help you to work better together, explore power dynamics, and find a way through challenges and disagreements. We can support you to cultivate sustainable working practices, make stronger collaborative decisions, design your strategy and develop your group's processes. Navigate used to be known as Seeds for Change Oxford.

Work that Reconnects

18th – 23rd September 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Explore the Work that Reconnects, integrating an anti-oppression framing and marginalized perspectives, whilst building your facilitation skills and confidence.

Facilitation Training

24-25 March 2018, Bristol

Strengthen your ability to facilitate meetings and gatherings. Help groups to become something more than the sum of their parts and unleash their collective potential.

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We went on tour! Taster workshops around England

Over the past few months we ran taster workshops in Sheffield, Manchester, Bristol and London, covering these topics: Power dynamics,…

What people say about us

“It highlighted the benefit of getting together in a group with paper and pen, focusing on goals and ways to achieve them, and getting to know each other better in the process”

A participant in a workshop on Campaign Strategy

“It's like when you empty out a kettle, but there's some limescale residue still sitting there inhibiting its best function - you helped us get deeper into what may have otherwise been left behind”

A participant in a Conflict Facilitation

“The air has been cleared, former members have rejoined, and people have been focusing on what we are actually about rather than getting sucked into the negative whirlpool”

A participant in a workshop on Creating a Sustainable Group Culture