Why we do this work

Together we face a multitude of interconnected challenges: climate change, the continued exploration for fossil fuels, deepening divides in our societies and growing fear of “others”, mass migration, war, increasing economic inequality within the UK and worldwide. Despite the enormity of these and other challenges, millions of people are standing up and working together, in grassroots groups of all shapes and sizes, to challenge injustice and destruction, and create alternative systems and ways of being that sustain and respect all life. We believe all these groups, campaigns and movements, big and small, are an essential part of the fabric of what a healthy society looks like.

We want to live in a world where people stand up against injustice and stand up for what they believe in, and where people come together to find collective solutions to shared problems. We want to live in a world where people who feel powerless on their own, can come together to discover their shared power and then use it to make change.

We want to help groups be as effective as possible, and to thrive in their process of making change happen. We believe that in order to challenge the status quo and support long term, fundamental political, economic and social change, we need to focus not only on skill development for effective campaigning but also on building strong group relationships, respect and care for others and genuinely sustainable work practices.

We want to walk our talk, which is why Navigate is a workers’ co-operative. None of us has a boss, or is a boss. Collectively we have control over the day to day running as well as the long-term direction, and we make decisions by consensus.

our values

In these times of ecological, political and economic turmoil, the values of resilience, solidarity and creative transformation guide us as we work with groups who are building a society more able to weather the current storms and those ahead.


Just like a resilient building can survive an earthquake, a resilient group knows how to survive when times are tough. A resilient group knows how to pick itself up and dust itself off when it faces a challenge, and is able to adapt to the new situation. Resilient groups don’t burn out, and they find healthy ways through conflict.


Solidarity is part of the glue that holds a group and a community together. Solidarity means taking action to support a shared interest. It happens when people with a privilege take a stand against an oppression that they don’t experience, for example white people taking a stand against racism. It also happens when people support others facing a similar oppression, for example when people who’ve experienced sexual abuse offer support to others who are experiencing sexual abuse.

Creative Transformation

Einstein observed that “problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them”. This means that to solve a problem we need to adopt an attitude of curiosity, and assume we don’t know everything. When we do this, new ideas and possibilities can emerge that no one had thought of before. Every challenge offers the potential for creative transformation, whether it is something external or something within the group, be it a difficult decision or mounting group tension.