Who we are

We are experienced trainers and facilitators. We’ve developed our expertise by facilitating hundreds of meetings and workshops for grassroots organisers and through our active involvement in grassroots activism and community organising.

We are committed to our own ongoing training and learning so that we can offer the most effective support. We’ve trained with Philadelphia-based Training for Change, and with Processwork UK , who have helped us sharpen our skills and deepen our awareness. We have many years of experience working and living in collectives, so we know first-hand the joys and challenges of group life.

Meet the team:

Kathryn Tulip

I’ve campaigned on a wide range of environmental and social justice issues for more than 30 years and have been offering training and facilitation to grassroots groups with Seeds for Change and now with Navigate for more than 13 years. I’m continuously re-inspired by the commitment and creativity of the groups we work with. I enjoy working in an organisation that values learning, where we continuously reflect on and evaluate our work, develop our skills and learn new ones. I’m passionate about working cooperatively, ending oppression, building strong communities of resistance and staying energised, balanced and resilient and supporting others to do the same. To help me stay energised I love to be in nature, to grow things, to hang out with friends and to meditate.

Hannah Lewis

I have been facilitating for groups working for social and environmental justice for more than a decade, initially through being involved with environmental activism. I’m currently studying for a diploma in Processwork, a group facilitation and psychotherapy training, where I’m learning to swim below the surface of group life. I’m particularly interested in helping groups to get to know more about their own power, and how to use it well. I also love facilitating conflict, and I’ve seen first-hand how conflict can be an opportunity for change, and how it can tap into a group’s creativity.

Paul Kahawatte

I work with people in diverse contexts as a community mediator, facilitator and trainer. I’ve been exploring the principles of Nonviolent Communication, Restorative Circles and related processes for about 7 years, and I care a lot about drawing on these processes to support groups working for environmental and social justice. I believe deeply that another world is possible, where systems and cultures are focused on caring for all life and everyone’s needs. I see the ways we engage with conflict, share power, make decisions and work together as central to positive social and systemic change. This is partly because I think these areas hold massive potential for empowering our movements, and also because I believe better processes and systems in these areas are central to a world that works for everyone.