We offer workshops in strategic & campaign planning, personal and group sustainability, decision-making, facilitation, power dynamics, working through your own conflict, and running great workshops.

Facilitation of meetings

We can guide you through a process when you have an important or difficult decision to make, or when there's tension between people in your group.

Conflict Facilitation

Our approach is to listen to each person in the group, help you develop better relationships and find creative ways forward.

Support and Advice

If your group is going through a difficult situation, or if you’re facilitating a tricky meeting or workshop, we can help with ideas and advice.

open workshops

Our next open workshops will take place in Spring 2017. To keep up to date with information about our open workshops, sign up to our email list or join us on Facebook or Twitter


We offer affordable rates for groups with an income, and offer some workshops for free to unfunded grassroots groups.

Is it really worth it?

It can be hard to find time to book in some training or get together for a difficult meeting. We know how tempting it is to just keep ploughing on, or hope the problem will go away! Coming together to work through important issues or learn new skills can make all the difference between a group that is just keeping it’s head above water, and a group that is thriving.

our recent work

In 2016 we worked with workers’ co-operatives that were growing food, fixing bicycles and running a school. We worked with activist networks, with anti-fracking campaigns and a protest camp. We supported a charity working with young people and another supporting people experiencing homelessness. We've worked with national campaigning NGOs through to housing co-operatives. We supported a youth-work charity, a charity supporting people experiencing homelessness, and a national campaigning NGO. We worked with housing co-operatives. We facilitated strategy days, visioning days, national networking days, and multi-day organisational development. We facilitated conflicts between some people in a group, and between everyone in a group. We've trained new trainers, and helped many people learn how to facilitate. We supported groups to learn about sustainability and burnout, and we brought our awareness of power dynamics throughout.