What people say about us

“A lot of people didn't see the point of doing a self care workshop...I think people were afraid it would unleash a storm that would split us. In the end quite the opposite has happened - the air has been cleared, the issues seemed to have lost the power they had before, former members who had become inactive because of all the negative stuff have rejoined, and people have been focusing on what we are actually about rather than getting sucked into the negative whirlpool.”
Human Rights Campaign
“You really succeeded in holding a space for conversation, conflict, and resolution. You held the space very well, enabled us to feel safe, and allowed for the flow of exchanges and dialogue between us. It's like when you empty out a kettle, but there's some limescale residue still sitting there inhibiting its best function - you helped us get deeper into what may have otherwise been left behind.”
Housing co-operative
“We were really impressed by the trainers who came to us during the winter. You really helped us in developing community cohesion and confidence.”
Protest camp
“It was a great success and highly beneficial in many ways, not just for the tools you have given us, which were a great help, but how it simply highlighted the benefit of getting away from technology for a while, and just getting together in a group with paper and pen, focusing on goals and ways to achieve them, brainstorming and getting to know each other better in the process. It was a really healthy experience and one we shall repeat often! It's all too easy to get bogged down with all this, but I ended today feeling re-energised and really positive, just what was needed at just the right time, so wholehearted thanks to you both.”
Anti-fracking campaign
"Navigate supported our group through discussions which we have really struggled to hold ourselves, as the issues involved are complicated on personal, emotional and ethical levels. They didn't impose solutions or answers on us but allowed all the voices to be heard and gave us some clarity about our individual and collective opinions, roles and needs. Thanks to their session, we've definitely taken a big step towards feeling equipped to manage conflict in our organisation."
Community allotment for refugees and asylum seekers
“Thanks again to Navigate for your great skills, clarity and steadiness - a real asset through a tricky situation.”
Climate change campaign