Facilitation of meetings

It can be helpful to have an external facilitator to guide you through a process when you have an important or difficult decision to make, or when there's tension between people in your group. We can suggest new ways forward where things are stuck, support you through the tense and tricky moments, and help you make progress on the issues.

We facilitate meetings in a broad range of situations. We can support you with:

For more information or to talk about a meeting that you would like us to facilitate please contact us.

Conflict Facilitation

Conflict is a natural and inevitable part of being in a group. It can bring up a lot of painful feelings, including fear, anger and hopelessness, for everyone involved. However, conflict, tensions and disagreements can offer an opportunity to grow as individuals and as groups, if supported well.

Many groups struggle to work through conflict, and this often limits their capacity. We believe that handling conflict well can actually strengthen a group.

What we offer

We have training and experience in facilitating group conflicts, as well as conflict between a small number of people. Our approach in mediation and conflict facilitation is to listen to and include what’s important to each person in the group, help you develop better relationships and find creative ways forward that work for everyone.

We can also support your group to develop your own process for dealing with your conflicts.

If you’d like to find out more about how we might work with your group or to ask for advice, get in touch