Navigate Privacy Policy

May 2018

1. The data we collect

Email newsletter
We keep your email address and the date that we input your email into our database, whether you sign up on the website or at an event. We will use your email address to send emails to you about our work and that of close allies, which consists of up to 10 newsletters a year.

Individuals and groups we work with
We keep information that you share with us, for example, your name, email, phone number, and addresses of venues that we might use when running a facilitation with you. We keep a record of correspondence with you (email threads and notes of phone conversations). We keep this to support any work we do with you in the future, and for our own development as facilitators, to reflect on the work we’ve done with you.

When you make an online donation to Navigate via Paypal, we have access to your name, email address and the amount donated. We need this information incase we need to communicate with you about your donation. We do not have access to your account details.

When you make a direct transfer to us via our bank Triodos, we do not have access to your account details.

These third parties keep your data secure. Information about donations is accessed by our finance team and our external accountant as required to carry out their accounting duties.

2. Sharing information with third parties

We will never sell your information to any other individual or organisation. We do use other organisations to provide services on our behalf. We only provide these organisations with the information they need to deliver the required service. The third parties that we currently use are:

Riseup – to hold the database for our newsletters. Riseup’s Privacy Policy
Survey Monkey – to hold responses to questionnaires for open workshops. Survey Monkey’s Privacy Policy

We do not share your information for any other purposes.

3. How long we will keep your information

If you do not interact with us for a period of ten years, we will make your record inactive on our database.

Donation information is held on our database so that we can keep a record of your support for us. We will only use and store your information for as long as it is required for the purposes it was collected for. How long it will be stored depends on the information in question, what it is being used for and, sometimes, statutory legal requirements.

4. Cookies

We do not use cookies on our website, and do not collect information about you when you visit the website.

Our email newsletters are sent using Wix. Wix logs when emails are opened, and if any links are clicked. You can read their privacy policy here.

5. How to change, delete or check out the information we have about you

– Every email message we send includes a link to opt out of receiving future emails.
– You can also let us know of any changes to your communications preferences, or a change of email address, by emailing
– If you opt out of receiving our communications at any point, we will record this request on our database. This will ensure that you do not receive any further communications from us.
– You have the right to be ‘forgotten’, which means that if you request us to, we will remove all the data that we hold on you from our systems, unless we are required to keep it for statutory legal reasons.
– Under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation (effective from 25 May 2018) you can request a report detailing the information we hold about you. To obtain a report, please email us: We will issue a response to all enquiries within a month. If you’d like us to do this, please send us this information: Your full name and contact details, your relationship to Navigate, and a copy of some ID.

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Gabby Patterson said:

Please keep me on your list!
andy andrews said:

Great to still be in contact
Melanie Aston said:

Yes please keep my data and email address and send me emails.