Collaborative Leadership

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How do non-hierarchical groups and social movements express leadership? Are there ways that leadership and shared-power can fit together? What different meanings does leadership have?

In this workshop we’ll explore what leadership can look like in the context of non-hierarchical organising. We will look at what makes collaborative leadership possible at personal, inter-personal and systemic levels, as well as what stands in the way of making the most of ‘grassroots’ styles of leadership. This will also include space to explore your own leadership style.

The idea of leadership has a lot of very negative associations for some people. We appreciate that the dominant style of leadership, adopted by the heads of government and business, can involve squashing the voices of the many, in particular the most marginalised. And we also realise that it might seem impossible to organise in a horizontal way, and at the same time support leadership from different people at different moments. But perhaps there are some leadership styles that aren’t oppressive, that don’t re-enforce hierarchy, but can work for the well-being of the whole.

We believe that grassroots movements would find even more success if they faced these questions head on.

The Facilitators
Paul Kahawatte and Hannah Lewis are both trainers with Navigate, and have been facilitating for a total of 15 years. Hannah has been helping groups discover their own leadership, first as a facilitator with Seeds for Change Oxford, and now with Navigate, and is currently studying for a diploma in Processwork. Paul has extensive experience as a community mediator, drawing on years of studying the principles of Nonviolent Communication and Convergent Facilitation.

Who is this for
You are welcome to this workshop if you’re involved in a grassroots group working towards social change. Whatever your experience level, or role in your group, you are welcome.

If you contemplate questions about the role of leadership in non-hierarchical settings, if you’re interested (even if you’re shy) in exploring your own unique style of leadership, or if you think this whole area is a big minefield, then you’re welcome to join us at this workshop.

How to apply
Apply here. Email hello@navigate for any questions, The workshop has limited places, so get in touch soon.

This workshop cost is on a sliding scale of £15 – £125, depending on whether an organisation is paying for your place, and your personal financial situation. If an organisation is paying for your place, we ask that you pay the upper limit. We can support a limited number of free places. If you need one, please let us know.

We will provide hot drinks and snacks. You are welcome to bring a packed lunch, or there are cafes and shops nearby.

Dates & times
Sunday 10th December: London (NW3) 10.00am – 3.30pm. Please arrive at 9.30am for a prompt 10am start.

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