White is not neutral colour

 :enquiry into whiteness and white privilege

26th Sep ’17, 6.30 – 9.15pm, East London

In this workshop we’ll explore different issues related to race and whiteness through discussion and exercises. We take the approach that white people, no matter how well intentioned or anti-racist, sometimes lack awareness of their whiteness. It doesn’t mean white people are ‘bad’, but it does mean that they have an opportunity explore what this means, and take more accountability on how this impacts others.

What will happen
We’ll explore some key issues connected with whiteness. Two key themes we’ll work on are ‘white neutrality’ and how white people ‘re-centre’ themselves.

In this country having white skin means something. If you grew up without the fear or reality of racist abuse; if you turn on the TV and see people who look like you; if you can buy plasters or ‘nude’ tights that match your skin colour; if you don’t regularly get asked ‘but where are you really from?’ – if you have white skin, it means something. But, white people are subtly and constantly taught that they have no race because apparently, white is neutral. We’ll explore where this idea of white neutrality comes from; and how white people benefit from it. We’ll also explore what can shift once white people get more aware of it.

White people have a knack of “re-centering” themselves, often without realising they are doing it. Just like any privileged group, white people can put themselves front and centre, and make everything about themselves, even racism. But it doesn’t have to be this way: white people can wake up to how they are doing this, and can consciously stop putting themselves in the middle.

Who is this workshop for
The workshop is open to people from every racial identity and background. It is for anyone who is interested in reflecting on their own relationship with race and whiteness, and who can help to create a supportive learning environment. Whatever experience you have working on issues of race and whiteness, this workshop will support to take the next step in your learning journey.

The facilitators
The facilitators are white people, with many years’ experience of running workshops and facilitating groups. We recognise we have a lot to learn about our own whiteness – we aren’t experts in this topic, however we bring an openness to learn about our whiteness, and what it means. Hannah is a facilitator and trainer with Navigate, Mark is an independent trainer, facilitator and coach. Both are studying for a diploma in Processwork.

How to book
Places are limited. Book your place by emailing hello@navigate.org.uk, and tell us a couple of lines about why you want to come to the workshop. The workshop is free, and we ask for a small donation towards running costs of the Common House

Venue: The Common House, Unit 5E (press the buzzer), 5 Pundersons Gardens, Bethnal Green, E2 9QG London. Click for a map and directions.

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Navigate said:

Hi Teresa, Unfortunately the workshop and the waiting list are both full now. Hopefully we'll be running another one soon, sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date with our next workshops. Thanks, Hannah
teresa sasiain said:

hello, i would love to attend this workshop. if someone cant go ad there is an space avaiable and no one in the waiting list can attend, please let me know cheers