Open event: Exploring Whiteness

Exporing Whiteness: 8th April, 11am – 4pm, Oxford.

Why explore whiteness with other white people?
Our aim for the day is to explore being white with a group of other white people. Why? Because although everyone was born into a system of white supremacy that none of us personally created, as white people we benefit from this system on a daily basis. We can chose to ‘wake up’ to this and take responsibility for our role in re-creating racism and benefitting from race privilege, however subtly, and however unintended. We can explore issues of race, racism and race privilege and learn how to act with humility and responsibility for racial justice.

What will happen?
We’ll facilitate the day, though it’s not a ‘workshop’ as such – the facilitators are white people who are also learning about our relationship with whiteness. We will bring some exercises and methods of reflection that we have found useful ourselves. There’ll be a mix of personal reflection, group discussion and some exercises.

Who is it for, and how to book
You’re welcome to join us regardless of how much you’ve thought about, read, or otherwise explored your own relationship to being white.

– The venue is fully accessible.
– Places are limited, we expect it to get full soon.
– Please bring something to share for lunch.
– The day is free, and any donations will go to Black Lives Matter UK.

Email to book your place or ask any questions.

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